The Poolside Office – Making A Better Work Environment

You find yourself sitting in an office everyday where the harsh florescent lights span down the rows of desks, the carpet tiles are mismatched because the original manufacturer stopped making them and your wondering what the roof tiles are made of because you’re sure they’re what’s leaving all the dust all over your cubical. Does any of this sound familiar? It’s probably because your business hasn’t picked up the poolside mentality when it comes to office space design.

Colour in a concrete jungle.

It’s time to spruce up the office space and bring in some new creative influences. Kmart is surprisingly a great place to start. They have low maintenance plants (better know as artificial plants) that can quickly bring some life back into the space. Spread the large potted plants among staff work spaces to bring a bit of green into the picture. Top it up with smaller solid decor on the desks and medium sized decor in the share spaces like the lunch room.

Breath in, breath out.

Great, you’ve started stimulating the energy in the company through visual elements. This next part is all about smells!

We don’t think too much about how our office smells until someone re-heats last nights salmon in the kitchen microwave but using subtle fragrances, you can stimulate productivity and creativity. Try to find a soft fragrance such as vanilla.

Name that little tune

I’ve spoke about the visuals and touch on fragrances, it’s time to think about the noises around the office and this one will be difference for every audience. I discovered an wonderful playlist today with with a lot of wonderful ambient beats. check out the playlist Poolside Chill on Apple Music.

But for the wider office, you might want to check out a sister company of Spotify called Soundtrack Your Brand. They give you the platform to schedule different music throughout the day. It’s really made for retail chains but it’s a handy tool for any office.

What else is missing from the poolside office?

The last thing you really need for your poolside office is the people. Developing the a well balanced work culture make coming into the office and spending time with your co-workers a dream. I’ve found the best way to achieve this is by making sure new hires have fit in with the existing team. If you’re working with an existing team of people, start pushing comfort zones, do things differently and do be afraid to loud on a Friday afternoon.

You might have noticed that this list doesn’t include a pool and while no one is stopping you from getting one, working on each of these aspects will help build a pretty sweet environment. If you’d like a bit of help on developing your culture, get in touch for a free consultation and we can explore what improvements you could be making to your business.

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